How to start a Podcast for Beginners under $100 for SoundCloud

How to start a podcast for under $100 with SoundCloud. Podcasting is a great hobby to pickup, it gives you an opportunity to talk about a subject or niche that you’re passionate about such as: Hunting, Technology, Gardening, Cooking, Wine Making, and etc.

It gives you an opportunity to meet like minded individuals from around the world. Some are even making a living from podcasting. With how easy it is start, there is no reason to not start. Especially if you’re passionate about something. Start now, who knows where it’ll lead you.

If you run a business consider starting a podcast. It allows potential clients know that you’re not only passionate about your craft but that you actually know what you’re talking about. It also allows your potential customers get to know you.

Is your competition podcasting? Probably not. So start.

Sitting at home? Bored? Enjoy something that you’d love to share with someone? Someone from across the world? Start podcasting. You’ll find someone who has similar taste as you do.

Microphones I prefer for under $100:

$50 – Blue Snowball

$62 – The other Blue Snowball

My sound was edited with Adobe Audition and I use the:

$150 Audio-Technica AT2020 USB + –

There is not a big difference at all between USB microphones. So don’t think you need the Audio-Technica microphone. I did a lot of sound editing in Audition to make my voice sound like the way it did in this video.

Curious about the microphone stand? It’s the Gator Framework stand. A lot of drummers use it as their bass mic stand. Here is the Amazon link

BTW::: Hey sorry for the rookie mistake in the middle of the video. You cannot hear the podcast audio examples. I’ll know better next time. “Thumbs Like”.




Camera –

Lens 1 – 10-18mm

Keyboard –

Mouse –

PC Microphone –

Monitor –

Microphone Stand –








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