Hypnotic Affirmations for Getting a Job Today

This 3-minute track of positive affirmations is all about getting a job today – assuming the win, because you need it, and because you can do it – today! You can do it, and we hope this track helps.

The soundtrack is unique – besides the spoken, positive affirmations you will hear the sound of surf and ambient music, and there are hypnotic binaural beats embedded within the session to guide your mind into a state where the concepts will be remembered for time to come.

The binaural beats are in the Alpha to Theta brain wave range, approximately 8-Hertz to 4.5 Hertz and help you relax while getting you in the state to use this message as part of your new, more pro-active subconscious pattern.

NOTE: Your listening experience is improved with headphones or earbuds.

CAUTION: Do not listen to this track while driving or operating equipment that requires your alert concentration. Join our membership site:

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