internship & jobs tips for top companies | how I got my google internship

today I will be going over how to get an internship or how to get a job at a top company. I go over resume tips, cover letters, networking, interview tips to secure that BAG go get your dream job. I also go over how I got my internship at Google as a APMM (product marketing manager). These skills and tips should be applicable for many different industries.

DISCLAIMER: in no way am I saying that what is going to guarantee you a internship/job anywhere or any company. the opinions and advice are my OWN tips and they do not represent any company I talk about.

some resources:

the job hunt (podcast):

^^ his YouTube Channel (gr888 tips):


– great resource to follow/connect with to learn tips for internships/jobs

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01:34 – building experience

03:00 – resume

05:27 – cover letter

06:16 – networking

09:11 – interview

11:59 – be kind & confident


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