Networking fo a Fast Job Search video – About 80% of job seekers in today’s market land that great next job by networking. These proven technique makes a huge difference not only in getting a job but also in getting a better job in less time.

This program will show candidates how to get results. No matter if he/she is an introvert or extrovert, will teach job seekers how to capitalized skills they currently possess with people they already know.

Candidates learn how to avoid the most common mistakes made by job seekers while attempting to network. To be effective in our conversations we need to create and utilize a good Verbal Commercial.

Those who can best articulate what they want to do next will land jobs significantly faster than those who are vague and uncertain about their future.

Some of the Areas Covered:

1. Most Common Networking Mistakes

2. Verbal Commercial

3. A.I.I.R.

4. Hidden Job Market

5. Network List

6 References

7. Target Company List

8. Cover Letters

9. Phone Conversations

10. Leaving Messages

11. Informational Meetings

12. Face-To-Face Meetings

13. Follow-up. References

Networking for a Fast Job Search shows the best practices available to help job seekers to become great at Networking so they can land that great job

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