Personal Branding Basics for Entrepreneurs and Influencers

Build your brand and grow your business the right way with this simple process. Personal branding is all about building your reputation and digital image so you can attract the right audience, customers, clients, and repel those who aren’t a good fit.


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Table of Contents:

0:00 – Intro

0:41 – Key 1) You are the product

1:27 – Key 2) Relationships

1:56 – Key 3) Uniqueness

2:09 – Why

4:45 – Case Study: My WHY

7:33 – Who

8:31 – Medium

9:30 – Content

11:00 – Case Study

14:42 – Outro

Personal Branding Basics for Entrepreneurs and Influencers

Personal Branding Basics – Understanding Branding 101

Do you want to learn how to develop your personal branding strategy and how you can effortlessly build your personal brand from scratch or take your current brand to the next level?

And if you stick around till the end, I’ll reveal a real world case study of how to apply these strategies to land real clients and customers for your business.

When you’re building a business around your area of expertise as an author, speaker, coach, consultant, freelancer, etc, the concept of building a personal branding probably comes naturally to you. It is important to know how to build a personal brand from scratch. When you’re the face of your business, building your personal brand makes perfect sense.

Personal branding is the process of building a positive reputation of you as a person and skilled professional. In layman’s terms, you want people to think your nice and the best at whatever it is you do. It’s just building trust by being your authentic self. Now how you build this trust is what we’ll cover in this personal branding basics.

Your personal brand is what distinguishes you from your competitors, helping to form a lasting impression in the mind of your audience and customers. Without a compelling personal branding that attracts your target audience, you may find yourself struggling to build a profitable and sustainable business that’s why I have personal branding techniques here for you.

Building a personal brand still has its benefits so you should learn how to build personal branding basics.

Most people are more interested in following other people than they are in following specific companies. Therefore, building a personal brand online can actually help increase exposure for your company.

Having a personal brand helps to build trust with your audience, and position you as an authority and a thought leader in your industry.

The personal branding techniques I will teach you will articulates who you are, what you do, and how you help others, so it makes it easier for other people and entrepreneurs to see value in connecting with you. You can leverage your personal brand to build your network, both online and offline, quickly and effectively.

This is a personal branding course that Your personal brand also flows over into your business brand, including the brand identity you choose, colours and imagery you use and the content you create to instantly connect with your ideal client.

It creates your brand personality and culture, guiding you to make the right decisions about marketing, promotions, partnerships, sponsorships and which channels to use.

If you want to learn some personal branding techniques, make sure to watch this personal branding basics course to know how to build your brand that your audience will surely love.


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