Relaxing ASMR Advice: Starting a New Job (ft. GibiASMR)

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Starting a new job? It’s normal to be nervous. Luckily, our friend GibiASMR is here to help make your first 90 days a little more relaxing.

Gibi shares her personal tips, tricks and stories on how get comfortable at a new workplace – all in her signature ASMR style. Whether you’re on your way to meet your new team or trying to unwind before your first day, she’s got your back.

Here are Gibi’s top tips for starting a new job:

1. Set milestones for yourself! These should be simple, tangible and easy to achieve. Gibi’s example was learning the layout of her new office building so that she was comfortable in her new surroundings. Find more tips on how to overcome new job nerves:

2. Make a concerted effort to learn names and practice your introduction. Gibi suggests that you focus on a person’s name when first being introduced, then make sure to repeat it back to them after the introduction. Perfect your introduction with this guide:

3. Try to identify your mentors. Potential mentors could be colleagues who have worked there for a long time who can help you settle in or someone in a role that you want in the future who can help with career development. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but keep your asks small and one at a time. Learn more about how to find a mentor:

4. Ask questions! Studies show that employees who ask questions perform better. Remember that it’s okay to be new, just be sure to stay humble and open minded.

5. Find small ways to add value to your team or office. Gibi took on the role of morning coffee maker for her team, this helped her settle in and feel like she was part of the team. Find more ways to connect with your new colleagues:

5. Don’t forget about your old colleagues! It’s easy to get caught up in a new job, but make an effort to keep in touch with your old colleagues and mentors.

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New to ASMR? ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It’s a relaxing sensation that is often triggered by sounds, like whispering or tapping.

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