the TRUTH about INFLUENCERS MONEY | Influencer Marketing | Sejal Kumar

0:00 Introduction / How ‘Influencers’ is a weird term

2.51 – What we do

3.46 – The skills that are needed

7.00 – What is best for each platform

7.11 – Branding and Marketing abilities

8.30 – Shooting and directing videos

9.43 – Cost

18.39 – Revenue

19.30 – Brand deals

23.08 – How to get brand deals

24.00 – Merchandise

24.54 – What is our daily hustle like

25.49 – Scheduling video shoots

27.12 – Brainstorming and writing ideas

27.34 – Editing videos and pictures

28.51 – Brainstorming bigger projects

30.54 – Sourcing outfits

Hey guys! As promised, I am here with an entire video on how content creators on YouTube and Instagram make money, how the business works and what really goes behind the scenes. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and cozy up because it’s going to be a long video. I hope you guys find this video helpful and I’ll see you soon!

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See you soon! 🖤

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