What If YOUR SONG Blows Up But You Didn't Buy the Beat?

YOU WILL GET SUED… but that’s okay I got your back. Here is what will happen.

If your song blows up and you didnt buy the beat… what is going to happen?

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Different things can happen but loets talk about what would usually happen.

If your song BLOWS UP and even charts on Billboard here is what usually happens.

You’ll gain all your momentum and _________.

Look at Blurred Lines for example, it made around 30 MILLION dollars in total. Then right when it was done buzzing and had made almost all the money it was going to, they got sued for stealing a small part of it. Marvin Gaye’s family won 5.3 MILLION and 50% of all future royalties from that song.

They would wait for the peak moment to happen and then sue you

The producer is going to get his money either way unless you have man power like Birdman where he can send people to your house to deal with you if you even consider suing him.

Now in other cases…

If a producer REALLY wanted to they could request you to get your video removed but thats a very rare situation. They know if the song blows up they get to sue you and get money from it. So any smart business man wouldn’t try to get it removed UNLESS they know you didn’t at least buy a lease.

I highly suggest that everyone at least buys a beat lease so that

1) The producer gets paid like he should in some way

2) You feel safer posting the songs online

3) Generally it removes the beat tag so that’s a huge plus so that you don’t look like a broke amateur rapper.

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