YouTubers Are Losing Money 😡

YouTubers are losing money due to the YouTube Ad Boycott. Now YouTubers have to have 10,000 lifetime views and the channel needs to be reviewed prior to allowing it to monetize videos.

A few weeks back in March some major companies pulled their advertising from YouTube due to their ads being placed on hateful and offensive videos centered around racist and homophobic themes. I”m talking about some big companies here, like Audi, Toyota, McDonalds, Wal-Mart, Pepsi, and Starbucks just to name a few. And we all know how a Pepsi can heal the world so I don”t know why they joined the boycott.

These companies want YouTube to ensure that their advertising doesn’t appear on any of hateful content and until they are satisfied that it won”t they will not advertise on YouTube. And who is that hurting? Over the past few weeks I’ve seen comments from YouTubers on Facebook, and in online forums experiencing huge dips in their revenue. Most of the channels I”m referring to have family friendly content and they are still being affected.

When the number of available advertisers decreases the number of ads showing on your videos decreases. And with less ads being generated you earn less money. Now I have to give YouTube some credit here as they have been trying to work on this issue for a while. Some of you may remember Philip Defranco having ads removed from one of his videos for using offensive language. This was an effort to encourage creators to create cleaner content.

Advertisers currently have the ability to filter out content where they do not want their advertising to land. Moving forward YouTube will give advertisers even more control over ad placement. They are going to make changes to the algorithm to screen ads for offensive content. And they are going to set up a dedicated hotline for brand safety so companies can report any advertising concerns. YouTube is trying to implement these changes as soon as possible.

Now that you know what YouTube is doing to deal with to hot mess what can you do? You can sit and wait for YouTube to make changes or you can gain more control over your revenue by diversifying your revenue streams. Solely relying on YouTube for your revenue is a huge mistake. Changes to the platform or environmental changes like the current boycott can negatively impact your revenue without notice. When you have multiple revenue streams there is less of a chance that they are all negatively impacted at once.

So how can you diversify? Create a website, blog, or forum, and advertise there with Adsense or another web advertising company. Create a Patron account and allow your subscribers to donate directly to you for your content. Sign up for affiliate accounts with Amazon, Commission Junction, or other companies so you can earn commissions from the products or services that you recommend. Or offer your services as a consultant.

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