3 Trading Patterns for New Traders in 2021

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There are millions of trading patterns … So how can new traders find what works for them? In this volatile market especially, it’s easy for traders to feel overwhelmed. But like Tim Bohen always says, keep it simple! And he has three patterns for new traders. Tune in!

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Bohen’s number-one pattern on today’s list is the OTC gapper. OTCs can be great for traders with small accounts. Tune in for a chart example on Viaderma Inc (OTCPK: VDRM).

This gapper was a big percent gainer … It hit multi-month and multi-year all-time highs. When this happens, it tends to show up on everyone’s scanners. Traders are buying into that close. Then it proceeds to trend up all day.

What happens next? Check out the video for what traders want to look for as confirmation and how they might set their risk.

The next pattern is the morning panic dip buy. Tune in for a chart example on Ozop Energy Solutions Inc. (OTCPK: OZSC).

OZSC was an OTC gapper for four days in a row. Once the stock has gapped up, it goes red and crashes hard. Here’s where traders want to look for the turning on the level two … They see bidders step in and a green candle on the five-minute chart. That’s what traders key in on.

That turning point could be an entry.

The last pattern is that first green day in a hot sector stock. Tune in for the chart example on Future Fintech Group Inc (NASDAQ: FTFT). This pattern can offer multiple opportunities throughout the day.

Watch the full video for more with Bohen and these patterns!

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