35% Profit in 8 Months - Investing with Revolut 2021

Here’s how I made 34% on my Revolut stock portfolio, which is 3x better than the S&P 500 (Index of the 500 largest companies in America).


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In this video I share which stocks contributed to my 34% profit. I show the biggest gainers and losers, which sectors have returned me the most money as well as my Bitcoin portfolio all live on my phone.

This year the stock market has been extremely volatile and there have been insane opportunities to benefit off the back end of the crash caused by Coronavirus. Many people expected a second significant market crash however it did not materialise.

The portfolio I share in this video is not reflective of what stocks I would usually invest in, however I changed my strategy this year in lieu of the circumstances. Investing is made so available these days, through apps like this, but whilst there is great opportunity, it is also very risky. However investing is not a difficult concept to understand and learning how to invest is the best thing I have ever done.

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Hope you enjoyed this video and seeing my live portfolio. Stay safe!




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