6 Google AdSense Tips to Increase Earnings - 6 Simple Google AdSense Earnings Tips

Check out our top 6 Google AdSense tips to help you increase Google AdSense earnings. Our Google AdSense training and strategies will give you the best practices you need to be successful. Whether you have a website or YouTube channel, you can earn with Google AdSense.

Our goal with this video is to give you some simple and free methods to help you get more Google AdSense ad impressions, grow your website, grow your YouTube channel, and grow your business. We go through our video description below, but the main thing to focus on is driving more traffic to your website, increasing the number of people who see your ads, and getting your ads more impressions every single day.

Google AdSense Tips Video Description:

1 – Increase Website Content and Improve Website Content

You may have heard phrases before about how content is king and how important content marketing has become over the last several years. The reason that is true is because creating great content that solves problems people are having is a great way to increase your online website traffic and grow your business. If you add Google AdSense to your website, you can monetize your traffic. There are plenty of websites geared in all industries and topics that provide product reviews, helpful guides, and more so people can solve the problems they are having. In fact, this very video solves a problem for people who are struggling to earn with Google AdSense.

2 – Test All Ad Types and Different AdSense Ad Placements

The only way to maximize earnings from your traffic and your website is to test different ad placements, different ads, different ad types, Google AdSense in-page ads, Google AdSense overlay ads, and more.

3 – Use Google AdSense Auto Ads

One of the new updates from Google AdSense is called Auto Ads. Auto Ads will allow you to opt-in or out of certain Google AdSense ad types and apply it to your entire website. Google AdSense will then optimize your ads and ad placements on your website to maximize your earnings and help your users have the best user experience. Learn more here: https://adsense.googleblog.com/2018/02/introducing-adsense-auto-ads.html

4 – Connect Google AdSense and Google Analytics

When you connect your Google AdSense account to your Google Analytics account, you are able to see every important data point about your website. You can see what websites refer the most value to your website and you can see what specific pages are the most valuable for your business. It can help you to understand which pages to optimize and improve in order to increase earnings.

5 – Create a YouTube Channel and YouTube Videos for AdSense Earnings

Creating YouTube videos is not an easy task but if you can do it along with create content, you will increase the value of your website and you can earn from Google AdSense and YouTube.

6 – Stay Educated About Google AdSense

Check out the Google AdSense blog here: https://adsense.googleblog.com/

Google AdSense will announce their new product updates.


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