7 Must-Read Stock Trading Books for 2021

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If you know Tim Bohen, you know he’s a big fan of reading books! As a trader, there are a few books you should definitely have in your library. So, if you’re looking for your next read, tune in. Bohen lists his top seven trading books you should read this coming year.

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The first book on the list isn’t actually a trading book, but there are so many lessons traders can take from it. It’s a whopping 800 pages, but if you can take on trading, you can handle it.

Tune in to the video to find out what book it is. (Nope, it’s not “Atlas Shrugged” … but good guess!)

This next book you may already be familiar with if you’ve followed Bohen’s journey closely… This is the book that really got him started in the markets. It’s “An American Hedgefund” by Tim Sykes. Tim’s got an incredible story. And this book can open your eyes to the possibilities trading offers.

The third book recommendation may be a bit unconventional for us “degenerate” day traders. But “The Intelligent Investor'” by Benjamin Graham just might be the trading bible. This book will teach you all about fundamentals.

And there’s another unconventional book for the list, “Discipline Equals Freedom” by Jocko Willink. It’s so important to learn about building discipline and optimizing yourself, and this book is the guide!

The next trading book is “The Complete Penny Stock Course,” by Bohen’s friend, Jamil. Jamil is very active in the development of the software for StocksToTrade. He took thousands of Tim Sykes’ lessons and distilled them down into this must-read book.

“Come To My Trading Room'” by Dr. Alexander Elder is phenomenal as well. Flip to any random page and there’s something worthy of noting or highlighted.

Last on our list is the book that if you could only choose one, this is THE one. Tune in to find out what book it is and why Bohen thinks it’s essential!

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