BEST 10 High Ticket Shopify Dropshipping Niches For 2021 (Profitable Niches)

In today’s video we go through the best high ticket niches that you should be looking into in 2021. With only two weeks to go in 2020, now is the time to focus on launching in 2021 and aiming higher with your ecommerce goals.

This video is for those of you looking to find high ticket niches products to sell online, I go through 10 niches and explain why each one is worth investing time and money into.

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00:01 Introduction

00:12 Top Niches To Look At In 2021

00:28 Niche Selection

01:04 Why High Ticket Niches?

02:40 How To Pick A High Ticket Niche

04:11 Trend 1: Working From Home

05:33 Top 10 Niches For 2021

06:30 Office Chairs

07:17 Greenhouses

08:10 Gun Safes

09:11 Luxury or high end product supplies

09:49 Shelving and heavy duty shelves

10:28 Kayak and Sups

11:00 Home Fitness

11:59 Coffee Machines and Coffee

12:27 Game Room Tables

12:59 Gamer Equipment

13:30 Conclusion


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