Budget 2021 LIVE TRADING by P R Sundar

Live Trading by P R Sundar on Budget 2021 (February 1)

Will be trying to implement Ratio Spread or Back Spread.

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► Topics:

– Ratio Spread (CALL Ratio, PUT Ratio)

– Back Spread (CALL Back, PUT Back)


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► Best Brokers in India (based on Collateral Acceptance, Trading Platform, Brokerage, etc)

Zebu – https://zebuetrade.com/prsundar (Rs.10/lot, NEST Terminal, Long Term Options & Far OTM Buying Allowed)

IIFL – https://bit.ly/IIFLPRS (Rs.10/lot, Long Term Options & Far OTM Buying Allowed, but Account Opening is a big hassle)

Zerodha – https://bit.ly/PRSZerodha (Rs.20/order, Long Term Options & Far OTM Buying May NOT Be Allowed, Good Mobile Trading Platform)


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