Demonetized on Feb 4, 2021 without an active AdSense

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YouTube is sending warning emails to channels without an active AdSense account that they will be demonetized on February 4, 2021.

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On February 4, 2021, we will pause monetization on MCN Affiliate channels without a linked AdSense account. Help us ensure Affiliate channels link an active AdSense account.

An AdSense account is required to monetize on YouTube, otherwise monetization will be paused. This means any channel without a linked AdSense account will stop earning revenue from Ads, YouTube Premium, Memberships, Super Chat, and Merch. In some cases, it can take several weeks to set up an AdSense account.

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▼ Links

Gigi De Lana is a verified cover artist partnered with Freedom!


MGN World of Warcraft created by Freedom!


Minecraft Viki (video wiki) created by Freedom!


MGN Destiny 2 created by Freedom!


▼ Chapters

0:00 – Demonetized on Feb 4, 2021

0:37 – Lessons Freedom! learned

2:03 – Monetized paused, not abuse event

3:08 – More tips to help you

3:21 – New “Verified” badge

3:48 – George sings “I believe I can fly”

4:07 – Monetize cover songs!

5:11 – Huge spike in MGN World of Warcraft

6:53 – Minecraft viki (video wiki)

7:03 – MGN Destiny 2

8:28 – How to craft an iron pickaxe in Minecraft Viki

9:46 – Final words by George

14:32 – Freedom! Mission Statement

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