Get Well-Paid Proofreading Jobs Online (By an Actual Proofreader)

Get Well-Paid Proofreading Jobs Online

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When I first found that you could get paid well to proofread, I thought to myself, do people actually value this? Do people actually get paid to proofread?

For quite a while I’ve been proofreading from home, earning a comfortable income working part-time.

I want to share how you can make money with proofreading jobs online, and the best way to do it! You can do this without any prior experience, and without a university degree.

Firstly, why is proofreading important? Well, whenever something needs to be printed, it needs somebody to look over it first. E.g. web content, novels, blogs, landing pages, emails, ebooks, marketing material, cookbooks, menus, instruction manuals, legal transcripts, educational workbooks and courses, magazines…

And you might say, but aren’t there programs out there that are replacing proofreaders? Now, there are some programs out there, like Grammarly for example. It is quite effective at picking up some types of errors. But without a doubt, the tech is not advanced enough to replace a human, not for a long, long time anyway.

If someone is just writing for fun, then sure, one of those programs might be enough. But for someone that gets paid for their writing in some capacity, their writing is a direct reflection of their work and their value. If there are mistakes in their work, this can detract from their message. It can also reduce the author’s credibility and reputation. Anyone like this will pay someone to proofread their work.

Here’s why I love my freelance proofreading business:

Minimal start-up costs

Short learning curve

There’s lots of work out there

Can start earning and making a profit relatively quickly

It’s a valuable skill that isn’t going away anytime soon

It’s a great stepping stone and intro to making money online

DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support.

Get Well-Paid Proofreading Jobs Online (By an Actual Proofreader)

Watch Replay Here:

Watch Replay Here:

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