How to Cope with Boring Office Work

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Get creative with your workday and learn to cope with boring office work.

Step 1: Build a portfolio

Work to build a portfolio displaying your greatest work and achievements to help build your confidence.


Build your portfolio by volunteering for special projects or to teach a class for other employees.

Step 2: Build relationships

Build relationships with colleagues. Meet people in other departments and learn to communicate with people who have challenging personalities.

Step 3: Organize

Interrupt a boring workday by having a weekly breakfast, scheduling a daily or weekly walk, or organizing a game of touch football during lunch.

Step 4: Daydream

Daydream about the next vacation your boring work will pay for. Daydreaming gives us hope and helps us cope with the dull parts of life.

Step 5: Listen to music

Listen to music while you work. It lifts your spirits and energy level to get you through the day.

Step 6: Experiment

Experiment with new ways to complete a task. Try figuring out a better, more efficient way to accomplish the task at hand.

Step 7: Set goals

Make challenging work-related goals for yourself.

Did You Know?

Researchers using brain scanning technology found a significant correlation between robust daydreaming and superior intelligence.

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