How To Earn Money By Investing In Gold (2021)

The today’s interview partner is Olivier Chédel. He is a very experienced Swiss asset manager.

With his tips you will learn how to make money in the stock market with gold mining companies.

He knows exactly how investing in gold can generate a fantastic income.

He was former member of the management of a Swiss bank. He is working within the Swiss private banking industry since 30 years.

He is an expert for gold investments.

This video shows how to earn money by investing in gold.

We explain the different sizes of gold bars and gold coins. You will be alerted on the most frequent mistakes.

You will find the most important rules for investing for beginners and how to invest in stocks generally.

The principles are not only valid for precious metals but for the stock market in general.

We present how to invest in ETF’s and what is important to check before you invest in ETFs. What are the pitfalls with ETF investments.

Precautions with gold investment are imperative. Investments in Papua New Guinea have a higher risk as a gold mine in Australia.

You will see little-known investment opportunities in gold companies working with royalties. This is a risk-averse method on how to earn money with gold.

Geographic diversification is important for your investing strategies as investments in gold stocks can be very risky.

According to Olivier with are in a long-term up cycle for investing in gold.

Long term investment in stocks of gold mining companies should be considered as value investing. Take a look where the mines are located.

The head office of the stock mining companies should be in Canada, Australia and USA. Companies in remote countries are high risk.

The political environment can be risky. Value investing is crucial. You will see the names of successful mining companies.

You will learn the basic principles how to make money with gold.

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