How to get monetized 2021 - Google Adsense 2021 PIN Letter - 1000 Subscribers - 4000 Watch Hours





Finally!!! My YouTube Channel is monetized. I received my Google Adsense PIN letter. Updated my Address on Google Adsense Account.

I can’t thank you enough! Thank you to all who subscribed to my channel and to all who never stopped watching my videos. Thank you so much!!!

Let’s make our A1C (blood sugar) levels low and have a healthy lifestyle. Diabetes type 2.

If you like to watch more videos about Type 2 Diabetes please subscribe to my channel and press the bell button so that you will be notified every time I will released a new video.

Thank you so much.

How to get monetized 2021?

Google Adsense PIN Letter

1000 Subscribers

4000 Watch Hours

YouTube Monetization Requirements for 2021

Get Monetized by 2021

New Youtube Monetization Requirements in 2021


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