How to Monetize Blogger with AdSense Auto Ads

Google’s blogger platform is a free, under-rated blogging platform perfect for personal content creation. Not only do you get free hosting, you can also setup Google AdSense on your blogger blog to help make an income.

In this tutorial, I break down how to enable AdSense on your blogger blog and how to best optimize the earning potential with enabling auto ads on your blog so ads are displayed in content in addition to anchor ads.

Last, I show you how to setup an ads.txt file for your blog. This is an important step in ensuring the integrity of the quality of the ads displayed on your website and have a direct impact on your earnings.

Please note, I’m assuming you know how to setup a custom domain name for your blog. If not, take a look at my previous tutorial:…​

What’s the catch?

Well compared to WordPress, blogger sites don’t rank as easily. It takes a lot more time, trust and links from other websites to get free search engine traffic going. With that said, blogger is a wonderful platform if you want to blog about a specific topic.

On my personal blog I write about travel, money and personal development. It’s small asset in my portfolio of websites that’s truly hands off. I write whenever I’m inspired and I make an income from advertising and affiliate marketing.

But if you want to build an income generating website to large scale I strongly suggest you stick to WordPress. But for casual use as a fun side project, I’m quite happy with blogger.



00:00​ Intro

01:00​ Become Eligible

05:23​ Ad AdSense

09:51​ Recap and conclusion



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