How to write an email marketing strategy - fast and easy

How to write an email marketing strategy. If you want to learn how to write an email marketing strategy for your customers, or write an email marketing strategy for your business, I’m going to outline my very simple and quick email marketing plan that takes only a few minutes.

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Daily email ideas from Cam:

Writing an email marketing strategy is no more difficult than deciding what you want to eat for dinner. But many people struggle with an overall strategy because frankly, it sounds a bit over-the-top- to have an email strategy.

But that might just be the best email marketing strategy – keep it simple.

In this video I’m going to outline my email marketing strategy for daily emails, email campaigns and email automation.

* split the strategy into 3 areas 1:38

* Campaigns

* Daily

* Automation

* Get comfortable with testing 2:31

* Build strategy that works from proof of what works

* Test subject lines

* test email styles

* Daily emails 4:26

* Include daily emails to your list

* What would you send one person?

* Look for feedback

* Campaigns 8:01

* Cycle in 3 month/quarterly rotations

* Pick a product and build emails around that

* Work backwards from the final day of the campaign

* Launches, new products, sales drives

* Automation 12:40

* Automate what works

* Keep them simple and short

* You can’t replace sales

* Example campaign

* June 1st to August 31st

* Roughly 13 weeks

* Month 1 – ask for feedback, share older content

* Month 2 – give massive value

* Month 3 – tell people about the product and sell

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