interviewing for a Fast Job Search video – In this Program Interviewees will learn and improve skills to achieve results. How to assess a candidate’s background, experience and skills is important but to be able to communicate those essential topics at the right time and only as extensively as necessary is imperative.

This Training Program provides the latest and most effective Job Search Techniques, full of real life engaging visual examples dramatized by actors.

Candidates will also learn how to develop key statements for a successful interview. The interviewee who implements these techniques it’s who will Get Hired!

Managers use interviews as a means to decide who the best candidate for a job might be. But the best jobs do NOT necessarily go to the most qualified person; they go to the person who was the BEST at performing in the interview process!

Some of the Areas Covered:

1. New Definition for Interviewing

2. Informational Interviews

3. Employee Referrals

4. Five Main Interview Questions

5. Types of Interviews

6. Acting the Part

7. Questions to Ask Interviewers

8. Buying Signals

9. Playing the odds

10. Understand the Odds

Interviewing for a Fast Job Search will teach you proven, practical and effective methods that will help you in developing interviewing skills that get results so that you too can land that great job

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