Marketing Channels: The Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

As you strategize your marketing efforts for 2021, it’s important to understand how the digital marketing landscape is evolving. New technologies, tools, and tactics are coming to the fore, changing marketers’ promotional strategies across marketing channels.

In this webinar, seasoned experts Pinar Ünsal, Zaryn Sidhu, and Jimmy Newson will discuss:

08:30 Seasonality changes due to COVID-19 shift in demand

10:38 2020 in summary for SEOs

11:50 SEO and PPC tips to get ready for 2021

14:00 Incorporate local in your digital marketing strategy

18:28 SEO, PPC trends to watch for in 2021

28:08 COVID-19 impact on global social media consumption

32:05 How does Facebook address consumer behavior change?

34:35 The importance of 1st party data (opportunities & watchout)

44:04 Dynamic capabilities for high-performing campaigns: placement optimization, CBO, dynamic product ads, dynamic ads for broad audiences

54:44 Omni-channels tactics (BOPIS, Store traffic & offline sales, DPA as a hybrid tactic)

57:07 A winning paid social media strategy on Facebook for 2021


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