Silver Investing 2021 - Why You NEED to Be Buying Silver

In this video I talk about silver investing in 2021 and Why I think it is a good idea to be buying silver. I talk about why I will be buying silver in 2021 and some of the reasons that we might see higher silver prices in 2021 and beyond. I have been silver stacking for several years and I see 2021 as a silver accumulation year, but also a year for potential higher prices as well. The US Government is creating massive amounts of currency and we could see a weaker US Dollar as a result. In this video I talk about investing in silver in 2021 specifically. if it is a good idea to invest in silver in 2021 or not will be determined by the strength of the dollar. There are many factors which play a roll in how the spot price of silver is determined and whenever you are contemplating investing in something you should do your research. I use the term investing in silver 2021 rather than silver stacking 2021 because I look at the possibilities of a massive jump in the spot price. if you are investing in silver bars or investing in silver coins then you should be keeping a sharp eye on the spot price and be on the lookout for any major changes up or down in 2021. This is not an investing in silver for beginners video but is rather targeted at the casual silver stacker, or someone who has contemplated buying silver in 2021. I will continue to invest in silver and stack as much as I can for years to come. I hope this silver investing 2021 video can help you decide weather or not silver is a good investment for you or not!

2021 Silver Stacking Strategy

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