Top 10 Tips to Better Your Trading for 2021

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Every trader starts somewhere. So if you’re determined to make 2021 your year in the markets, you need to start off on the right foot. Don’t try to wing it — education and preparation are critical in the markets. Watch this video now to learn my top 10 tips for leveling up in 2021!

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Happy New Year! 2021 is officially here…

For some of you, your New Year’s resolutions start TODAY. And I want to applaud you for taking the first step.

If your goal is to enhance your trading skills or to learn trading in general for 2021, this is the video for you.

I’ve compiled a list of the most effective tips that I’ve learned from 2020 and all my trading years prior.

Tips on this list include…

Taking singles instead of home runs. My top students who have become millionaires didn’t do it because they got lucky.*

It took patience and discipline for them to become comfortable with the trading process before they worked on scaling up. And you get comfortable by taking it one trade at a time and setting goals of realistic percentage gains.

Here’s another tip…

Always prepare ahead of time. If you’ve ever done well in school or any exams, chances are you studied for it…

Whether it was the week before or the night before, you probably made sure you knew what to look out for to be ready for whatever came your way.

Why wouldn’t you apply those same principles for trading? Most traders lose because they think they can just win big — like the market’s some kind of slot machine.

That’s a terrible mindset to have in general. You have to study the market and make an educated trading plan, based on the research you put in. There are NO shortcuts if you want long-term gains.

So, watch the video for more effective tips on how to better your trading. And don’t be shy — write it down so you have notes to refer to. These tips are essential building blocks for penny stock trading.

Comment below with your goals for the new year. I want to see what everyone is aiming for!

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