TOP 5 SOFT SKILLS FOR WORK | How to be Effective in the Office

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Hi y’all! I’m sharing some Friendly Sisterly Advice about the 5 soft skills (aka intangible personality skills) that I’ve worked on throughout my career that are super important to be effective in the workplace and in life! P.S. I had my sassy pants on that day so I hope you enjoy the bloopers…. I cut out a lot of it to keep the video on topic but you know yo girl…. lol

Please let me know what other topics you want me to chat with y’all about in future FSA videos!! And remember to Enjoy Your Journey y’all!

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All opinions are my own and are from my personal experiences/ observations. They are not on behalf of any company. I’m just sharing to provide a different perspective. Base your opinions on what is true for yourself.

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