Curso Instagram Marketing 2021 (Aula 1 de 3)

Watch Aulão 2: Watch Aulão 3: Check the course agenda: – Live Tira Questions: 25/2, 20h, on Instagram @CopfyPonto – ————- 🌟 Learn more about the Digital Authority 2021 Package: There are 5 courses for the price of 1, with the right to PROFILE ANALYSIS BONUS. Places are LIMITED. Closed Sunday (2/14/2021). 👇👇 Attention, Content Creator. This class is VITAL for you to build your Digital Authority Profile on Instagram in 2021. This is the Complete GUIDE for creating relevant content on Instagram, attracting followers and building a strong profile. We will show: – Content Marketing Funnel – 11 Types of Content Channels (Stories, Reels, Feed, Liv, IGTV, Guides, Highlights, Bio, Avatar, Link, Direct) – What to post on each channel – Types of Posts for Instagram – And we’re also going to post an AGENDA for Posts for Beginners. .

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