Demonetized on Jan 2021 without an active AdSense account

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YouTube will demonetize your channel on Jan 2021 without an active AdSense.

You have until January 1, 2021 to link an active AdSense account to your channel even if you are not paid by AdSense, like channels partnered with Freedom!

Why is this happening now?

YouTube requires an active AdSense to be in the YPP (YouTube Partner Program) but YouTube did not always require AdSense to join a network like Freedom! The new YouTube rule is: everyone must now have an active AdSense account, and it is being enforced retroactively.

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▼ Chapters

0:00 – Demonetized without an active AdSense

0:33 – How to setup AdSense

0:43 – How to change AdSense

0:55 – AdSense login troubleshooter

1:25 – Why is this happening now?

1:54 – What changes after linking AdSense?

2:16 – Learn more OVOB on

3:09 – Verified tick for 100K subscriber channels

3:58 – Exercise! If George can do it, so can you

4:35 – Final words by George

6:13 – Bloopers!

6:39 – Freedom! Mission Statement

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