Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 (That You Need to Be Aware Of)

Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 (That You Need to Be Aware Of)

This video covers the digital marketing trends in 2021 that will shape your digital marketing strategy to succeed in your industry.

As we all know, digital marketing is a rapidly evolving field, and due to the pandemic, we’ve already seen massive changes in digital marketing that will surely be prevalent in 2021 and beyond.

Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 (That You Need to Be Aware Of)


00:28 Trend 1 – eCommerce

01:05 Trend 2 – Social Media Marketing

01:52 Trend 3 – Content Marketing

03:55 Trend 4 – SEO

05:12 Trend 5 – Viral Marketing

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Overview of digital marketing trends:

1) eCommerce

We all know the impact that Covid-19 has had on businesses that did not have an online presence, making it more important than ever to have eCommerce functionality on websites.

2) Social Media Marketing

When taking into consideration the vast number of businesses and saturation in so many industries, it’s important to identify where your customers are in terms of social media channels, as well as how to target them effectively with messages that they will respond to and (hopefully) convert.

3) Content Marketing

The two biggest content marketing topics to look deeper into for 2021 is voice and video. For voice, optimising your content for voice search with long tail queries, experimenting with voice on platforms such as Twitter with ‘voice tweets’, and appearing on relevant industry podcasts will help you gain relevant brand awareness. In terms of video, continue to experiment and try out live streaming. Also definitely recycle your video content onto different platforms to maximise engagement.

4) SEO

SEO has and will continue to be incredibly important as part of a digital marketing strategy in 2021, but aspects such as page experience (page speed, UX) and identifying user intent become imperative to rank higher on Google in 2021.

5) Viral Marketing

Let’s not forget how viral marketing (when done correctly) is an incredibly potent way for businesses to get lots of reach and engagement. Tap into platforms such as TikTok, and experiment more with your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles by engaging and connecting with the right people, to hopefully get your content trending (and possibly going viral on the platform).

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