Hướng dẫn TAX thuế Google Adsense VN mới nhất 2021

The latest 2021 Google Adsense VN tax TAX guide is 100% successful See more at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=SeKEtf8A3FU Google, the host agency of Youtube, has just announced that it will deduct and tax income for YouTube content creators (Youtuber) not living in the US. This means that the YouTubers in Vietnam and other countries outside the US will have to pay taxes on their income earned from Youtube. Youtube’s new policy will take effect in June and Google calls on YouTubers to provide tax information to Google to ensure proper tax payments. Specifically: – For YouTubers living outside the US, if they declare tax information before May 31, 2021, they will be subject to a 30% tax rate on sales coming from viewers in the US. (The emphasis is on US views) – For YouTubers living outside the US, if you do not file a tax return, you will be taxed 24% on revenue from viewers in all countries. “Under US tax law, Google is required to withhold tax when the content creator is not in the US, but earns income from viewers in the US,” a Google spokesperson explained about Youtube’s new policy. This policy does not affect YouTubers in the US, but it will certainly affect YouTubers in other countries, including Vietnam, especially YouTube channels with a large number of viewers from the US. With Vietnamese content channels, the view volume is still domestic, the US only accounts for a small number of views. However, the advertising price for 1,000 views in the US market is many times higher than in Vietnam. # Tax_adsense_2021

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