lockdown morning routine | work from home 2021

Just a day in the life of me working from home doing my 9-5

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➫Email: emilyliuvideos@gmail.com


Here is what i get up to monday to friday, every week

most of my job currently consists of motion graphics, animation, podcasts

In this video:

➫ current skincare routine 2021

➫ work from home routine

➫ how i stay productive working from home

➫ what i eat when im working from home

➫ pros of working from home

➫ editing

➫ animator

➫ motion graphic designer


Skincare products that i was using:

➫ Fenty Skin Total Cleans’r Remove-It-All Cleanser

➫ Fenty Skin Fat water

➫ The Inky List peptide moisturizer


Thank you for watching! x

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