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One of the biggest trends in digital marketing for 2021 is the social media profession. More and more companies are looking for this service and you can learn to be a social media with me. Get to know my course: https://likemarketing.com.br/curso-criadores-conteudo 00:00 Introduction Every year I do digital marketing trends for the next year. With 2020 coming to an end it is time to reveal my predictions for 2021. 00:47 High in the social media profession People are paying for the management of social networks, there is a great demand for social media professionals, which shows that this it will be a big trend in 2021. It will go ahead and make money as a social media for those who are qualified and deliver a quality service. Meet my course Content Creators + Profession Social Media: https://likemarketing.com.br/curso-criadores-conteudo 3:20 Content Co-Participation When someone who follows you, who has consumed your content or bought your product, shares something on the network social about what you offer, he is creating content for you. A powerful social proof. 5:16 Lives Lives are here to stay and within my predictions for digital marketing in 2021, they will remain strong. Whether live on Youtube or live on Instagram, she will be present next year. LINK TO ACCESS THE PDF WITH ROUTERS FOR LIVE: https://conteudo.likemarketing.com.br/roteiro-para-live-receber-material 6:32 SEO SEO is a very important tool for the user to find what you share , when he does a search. Understanding SEO, knowing how to use SEO in your digital structure has always been very relevant and will be even more so in this new year, mainly because we are changing the way of doing research. Watch my video with the BEST SEO TACTIC: https://youtu.be/O_-Fhqs92Vc 9:07 Telegram messaging apps, WhatsApp are gaining space so that companies can communicate more directly with their consumers. You can even use Telegram for Business. I even have a playlist just about Telegram: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpmBkyWiIBnuc_8YNPrFR5wkiuNzyeBB2 10:22 Fast, low-cost content. The best known of them is Close Friends on Instagram, but there are several recurring platforms with low cost and updated content that I see gaining prominence and that for me is a big trend for 2021. 11:36 Personalization of care People do not want to receive more a mass content, they don’t want to be treated like one more in the crowd. The client who has his pain understood and that the dialogue is done in the most personalized way possible. 12:41 Home Office 2020 has shown that working from home is possible and that it can provide better work performance, less time wasted and a better quality of life. A trend that only tends to grow. Watch my video “How to keep DISCIPLINE and PRODUCTIVITY working at home”: https://youtu.be/fw5fcnMNzcg 14:24 Short videos People are increasingly looking for short videos, with content delivered directly. Trend we already see with Instagram Reels, with TikTok videos. 15:12 TikTok Yes, it is a strong digital marketing trend for 2021, but I am not going to talk about TikTok. Just kidding, Pale Face. I will say yes, but you have to watch the video. —– INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/rejanetoigo 💜 1. CONTENT CREATORS Training where I teach the content production method we use at my Like Marketing agency. It is a tool to develop a positioning strategy through social networks and thereby attract customers and businesses. The student receives the CONTENT MAP and fills in while attending classes. This method serves to speed up the process of producing intelligent content and is perfect for: ✅who wants to produce their own content for social networks ✅who wants to hire an agency or social media, as they need to deliver a content strategy to be executed by the employee ✅ who works as a social media or content producer and needs to speed up the delivery of results to their customers 👉 DISCOVER THE PROGRAM ON THE CONTENT CREATOR SITE: https://likemarketing.com.br/curso-criadores-conteudo 💜 2. CREATORS VIDEO – 100% online training to learn how to unlock in front of cameras and record AMAZING videos for the internet. The course is taught by me and Youtuber Luana Franco. To know the program click here: https://likemarketing.com.br/criadores-de-video/ 💛3. LEARN NEUROMARKETING – 100% online training for anyone who wants to learn neuroscience techniques applied to Marketing. To learn more about the Program click here: https://aprendaneuromarketing.com.br/ LINK TO THIS VIDEO – https://youtu.be/D6hs5ihkuY4 TAGS – #RejaneToigo #LikeMarketing # CriadoresDeConte97.

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