Tutorial COMPLETO de Dropshipping para iniciantes 2021 - Como criar uma Loja Shopify do ZERO

A complete Shopify tutorial for beginners. In this 4-hour video you will learn everything you need to know to create a successful dropshipping store from scratch, step by step, in a simple and practical way. 🎁 Start your online store today on Shopify with 14 days free (Exclusive Link): https://pt.shopify.com/avaliacao-gratuita?ref=gabrielsilva 🎁 Create your domain on HostGator with 45% discount (Exclusive Link): https://www.hostgator.com.br/39132.html 🚀 Check out my Complete Training: https://www.formuladodrop.online 00:00 Check out one of my stores that alone earned more than R $ 700 thousand reais. 6:21 What is dropshipping? 8:00 Will the drop saturate? 9:23 How much to start with the drop? 10:17 Website to find winning suppliers and products for your store. (Aliexpress) 13:12 Why is the customer going to buy in my store instead of going straight to Aliexpress? 17:21 Website to find winning suppliers and products for your store. (Alibaba) 21:29 Website to find winning suppliers and products for your store. (Facebook) 23:55 The most profitable niches for your dropshipping store. 31:10 Initial processes for the creation of your dropshipping store. 42:17 Creating Shopify account, configuring your account, installing theme, designer and etc … 1:12:44 Added CPF at Shopify checkout (IMPORTANT). 1:16:33 Setting up your store’s shipping. 1:21:05 Setting up notifications for your store. 1:24:13 The best apps for your dropshipping store on Shopify. 2:15:06 Importing products from Aliexpress and adding them to your store through Oberlo. 2:34:08 FULL lesson on Facebook Ads. Learn how to create ads for your dropshipping store. 4:10:12 Conclusion and thanks. ⬇ You may like these videos too: ⬇ Dropshipping: How I sold R $ 108,749.72 in 5 days with this Smartwatch https://youtu.be/C7qSytd7XF8 Dropshipping: COMPLETE Guide to Sell on INSTAGRAM https://youtu.be/ac9xk -5aouo Dropshipping Beginner: 5 SERIOUS ERRORS that prevent you from selling on Shopify https://youtu.be/jdLvCvy9Zxo 👉 More Legal Content? Follow me on instagram: @ silva.bieeel https://www.instagram.com/silva.bieeel/ 👉 Join my free Telegram Group: https://t.me/GabrielSilva1 Thank you! See you soon .. #Dropshipping #Shopify #Tutorial.

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