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Learn Amazon trained ecommerce specialist with Amazon’s Authorized Training Partners. It is a paid training course. Serious people can apply and no time passers.

✅ Course duration: 16 hours training

✅ Training fees 3000/-

✅ you can earn minimum 20000/- per month

✅ Session recordings for relearning

🛄 Job placement: Immediately after the exam (5-10 days) you can work as a freelancer or consultant for Amazon sellers

Benefits of the course

⭐ Exclusive Amazon’s ATES certification.

⭐ Get registered with Amazon as ATES and get paid by Amazon.

⭐ Work as a freelancer/partner with Amazon

⭐ Can start your own business with Amazon as a seller on Amazon

⭐ Can start an Ecommerce Consultancy and help sellers on Amazon and get paid.

⭐ Finally knowledge and certification which can be helpful to buildup your resume and crack amazon ops interviews such as SPS, SIV etc which were similar

👨‍💻Note: it is a paid training of 16 hours and serious people can apply

1. New seller launch

2. Existing seller management

3. FBA guidelines

4. How to give discount on your products and free delivery option

Payout structures:

Onboarding new seller

1. Unique listing payout: 1500-3750 on each seller

2. Input based payout: 2000-4000 on each seller

3. FBA payouts: 1000 on each seller

Need to manage seller account for Launch month+2 months

Will get commission on the sale of the seller: 3000-75000 on each seller

Existing Seller services: 3000-5000 on each seller .

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