Are You Making Any Money on the Internet - Or Have You Lost Heart?

Why is it that most people don’t make much money on the internet?…why do so many give up saying its all a scam? What have your internet marketing experiences been? Are you making any money?


I know many people who have given up internet marketing, disillusioned, angry and broke. They have spent a mint on buying what they believed were the best tools to get started.I understand how they feel because I also came close to giving up…many times.


I invested in a heap of useless information for the most part, but in almost every eBook, report or piece of software I purchased, there would be one little gem which allowed me to move forward, it took a while but step by step I am slowly getting the results I am after.


The issue I see with most people who give up, is that they don’t see internet marketing as a real business,If you want a hobby …fine…play as much as you like, but if your intention is to create a business or an extra income then treat it as a serious business and do whatever it takes. The reason I started my business was because I had retired and I was bored.I didn’t want to go back to a job so the next best thing had to be an internet business…it couldn’t be all that hard…could it?  I was about to find out how difficult it really was.

The first thing I was told was that I didn’t need a website, just go out find a product, get a hoplink, write a couple of articles and link them to your merchants web page. I kept doing this for a couple of years and didn’t make a cent.


What I finally learned was…

  • You do need at least a one page website, you must have somewhere for your visitors to go.

  •  You do need to build a list of loyal customers

  • You do need to learn about keywords

  • You do need an autoresponder.

  • You do need to take action (something many internet marketers won’t do)

If you are amongst the many who are thinking of giving up or have given up…don’t…there are riches in internet marketing…it takes patience, perseverance and effort, but its worth it in the end.

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