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Commission Blueprint is a original product created by Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton (in my opinion the fathers of affiliate marketing). It is a series of video tutorials and ebooks that teach you how you can abuse clickbank using the exact same methods that its inventors use to channel money to their bank accounts everyday. This article is here to decide on whether commission blueprint really works; or doesn’t.

Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey are successful internet marketers, although modest of their genious, have put together a ‘blueprint’ set of videos that teaches you the same methods they use to make crazy amounts of money. Serious money. These videos take you on a step by step guide, teaching you how to make as much as $109,000 in 1 month.

Commission blueprint contains opt in page secrets, pre-sale secrets (some of the best on the web) and page review secrets. It also contains many video tutorials to get you started and help you pick the best keywords.

It also contains the same opt-in, review page, and landing page templates that steve and tim use for their websites. These templates are customizable and are huge time savers if you don’t feel like spending time writing your own.

Commission blueprint is not a scam, but you do have to put in time and effort. If your looking for a “maybe get rich quick scheme, if your lucky) then this probably isn’t for you. Then again, anything worth doing is worth working for. The key to Commission Blueprint is to engineer your keywords so that they generate a massive audience, then you have to do is the small task of choosing which product to promote. The video tutorials will cover how to do all of this. Once you have done this you will be set to make money even if you just start at $200

Everything about this website is genuine from the people to the idea. Follow the program, add in a little work and you will be making money in no time. In my opinnion you can waste your time and money on smaller, poorly constructed marketing scams, or you can use Commission Blueprint and really start to generate money.

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