David Garfinkel - Master Copywriter?

David Garfinkel has authored the praised Killer Copy Tactics, which reveals ideas and techniques on how to compose efficient sales content. As a persuasive copy writer, Garfinkel has utilized his abilities to develop half a dozen profitable Internet businesses. Prior to turning in his hat as a business journalist in 1985, he acquired a number of honors and was McGraw-Hill Magazines’ San Francisco Bureau Chief when he exited journalism and launched onto Internet marketing. His knowledge as a journalist helps him produce sharper pieces along with improved communication.

David is currently the president of Overnight Marketing headquartered in San Francisco mastering in Results-Driven Direct Marketing for home based businesses. As a marketing expert and copy writer, He has accumulated exposure to organizations in 81 diverse sectors. Garfinkel’s best-regarded achievement story is actually a sales letter he composed for a travel bureau in Arizona. This letter generated 5 Million dollars of new yearly business for that bureau. Killer Copy Tactics also shows a sales letter David Garfinkel composed which marketed software valued at more than $130,000 for a modest, privately operated company.

David Garfinkel has proven to be an outstanding instructor by individuals who have purchased his tutorials. He incorporates quite a few involved exercises, which permit the individual to discover and have an understanding of their blunders and experience. David Garfinkel highlights the significance of having the mindset driving the accomplishments of a sales letter. The thing that makes individuals start examining a sales letter, why they carry on and examine a specific letter to the finish, and what causes them to react by contacting and placing an order. His training comes with a consultation regarding how to commence your own private copy writing business.

David has collaborated on a number of other publications such as Effective Sales Management as well as Guerrilla Marketing to the Imaging Industry. His clients consist of mega companies such as MCI, Pacific Bell, United Airlines, Books by Time-Life also IBM. He happened to be show cased in a number of business periodicals including the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and Home Office Computing. David Garfinkel’s program The Money-Making Copy writing Program may be the only program backed through the National Mail Order Association.

So if you would like to become a master copy writer and get to the level of David Garfinkel you have to be diligent in writing and publishing effective sales content and eventually you will be seen by different companies.

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