How Do I Grow My Online Business?

I am answering the question of the week


Grow your email list…

My favorite subject begins now.

Let’s talk sales funnels.

So you’ve mastered a traffic source.

You are sending people to your landing pages and capturing their email address.

Now what?

Email addresses aren’t actually money.

Sure they can make money, but they are pretty useless to you right now.

So after you collect the email… what now?

Well let’s see.

We have someone that is already interested in you and what you have to offer…

They’ve already made a minor commitment by putting in an email address…

Seems a shame not to sell them something right?

So send them down a funnel..!

As soon as they click that button after putting in their email, send them to a page with an offer.

Guess what?

I promise you will be surprised when people start taking you up.

Will everyone?

Absolutely not.

But I can promise, if you make a halfway decent offer at a fair price, you will see people start buying.

For the first step in my funnel I usually do something under $50, so let’s say it’s $27.

I guess that assumes your sales page doesn’t totally suck.

But I’m assuming you have watched my free video so you would never have that issue.

So let’s say 200 people put in their email address.

Then 5% of those decide to buy the first product.

That means you probably spent about $200-$300 bucks.

You have 200 email addresses you can market to.

You made back $270 bucks.

And now the kicker.

Of those 10 people that bought the product, why not make them an additional offer?

They are clearly VERY interested in what you have to offer.

Can you make something additional that adds even more value and helps them even more?

Say you sell this product for $297.

And let’s say one of the ten buys that product.

Again… you will be surprised.

Here are your numbers.

1. $300 spent

2. $567 made

3. 200 email addresses gained that you can now use as free traffic

Are you seeing how incredible this is?

And these are totally real numbers.

This is how online businesses not only survive, but thrive.

Sure, this is a best case scenario.

But even if you simply break even, you can run this scenario hundreds of times

build an email list of hundreds of thousands of people

and then launch a product with zero dollars in ads.

And that’s the beauty of a sales funnel.

If you can truly comprehend this one single thing, you can succeed online.

If you don’t… watch my video… What is a sales funnel

You can spend double what you would on ads

because you make twice as much off each customer

(and hopefully provide twice as much value)


Learn, apply, learn, apply.

Hope this helps

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