How to Make Good Money Online - Succeed in Affiliate Marketing Using the Blue Ocean Strategy

Break away from the competition! The Blue Ocean Strategy challenges companies to break out of the red sea of bloody competition by creating uncontested market space that makes the competition irrelevant.

The authors W.Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne did an intensive research and concluded that there are no permanently excellent companies. However, to improve the quality of success, it is important for companies to study what they did that created a positive difference and then replicate it systematically. Kim and Mauborgne have found that the strategic move that matters centrally is to create Blue Oceans.

The book further outlined the keys to achieve this Framework:

– Reconstruct Market Boundaries

– Focus on the Big Picture

– Reach Beyond Existing Demand

– Get the Strategic Sequence Right

A few months ago, I decided to order a Photo Book from Apple’s Photo Services since I use iPhoto to manage all my pictures. The book was to be a consolidation of family pictures taken in various events over the years as a gift for my mom. As the delivery took longer than expected, I wrote to the customer support services who promptly replied with a shipment status. A few days ago, the customer support wrote to me again just to check if I have received my package and wanted to ensure I am completely satisfied with my Apple Photo Services experience.

I responded that I had indeed received the Photo Book, but the pictures turned out darker than what I had set online when I placed the order. It was more of a causal comment that a complain, honestly. To my surprise, the customer support said she was sorry for not meeting my expectation, and that she had gone ahead to issue a full refund for my order! I was asked to consider resubmitting my order and the quality issues should be resolved with a second printing. The email also contained technical information explaining why some images may appear slightly darker than what I viewed on my computer’s display.

Basically, I was blown away by the shopping experience. Would I go back to Apple Photo Services? Yes, certainly! They have created a Blue Ocean strategic space where many of their competitors lack. The iPhoto interface feature itself is already a killer.

The Internet Marketing business is no different. Many Internet Marketers simply offer loads of Affiliate products through their websites banking on visitors to click and buy. Through my personal experience, the hit rate is extremely low, meaning unless you have tons of targeted traffic, it is unlikely to bring enough food on the table.

That is the reason why I like Adam Short’s Niche Profit Classroom program. It is likely one of the best legitimate Internet Marketing courses that I have committed and benefitted from. In many ways, the Niche Profit Classroom is actually a display of the Blue Ocean approach. It teaches how to locate a niche where most people ignore. The free traffic generation method alone is a wonder of science and art combination that Adam had given a lot of thought to it.

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