How to Spend More Time Painting and Less Time Marketing

In the unforgiving world of art, a painting marketing plan can add the spark necessary to bolster a business and make it successful. With so much competition, it’s a bit daunting to get off the ground. However, in order to achieve prosperity, it is essential for the artist to have a definitive plan of attack on how to get collectors to their art website and how to keep them engaged until they decide to buy.

By having a solid strategy in place, the painter can spend less time worrying about revenue and can instead create the pieces responsible for their triumphs in the first place.

Strategies for More Time Painting

By enacting their marketing plan, the artist can, in a way, put it on auto-pilot, leading to more time available for painting.

Working smarter instead of harder is a technique paramount to a successful business and often leaves the artist with enough energy and vivacity to put out new work which attracts even more first-time clients. While it can be difficult to attract collectors, these tips will put the artist in the best position possible to advance and grow as a company.

1) Keep Your Work Current: In the beginning days of a business, page visitors may be hard to come by, making it incredibly important to have a high retention/call-to-action rate. It certainly won’t help a sale come along if the website is downtrodden, without having been updated in weeks.

The client notices anything and everything about the website and attributes that toward characteristics of the painter. In the mind of the customer, “Surely, if the website hasn’t had a new addition in some time, they must not be painting anymore, and even if they are, they don’t seem to care enough to need my sale.” Even if the artist is struggling, continuing to post new pictures and sales demonstrates a determination for success, making the client both enamored and interested in the artist achieving their goal.

2) Have a Considerable Price Range: Unless the painter is at the notoriety level of Picasso or Van Gogh, it is a good idea to have a variant price range so as not to eliminate part of the target group.

For example, if pieces are only sold for high-end prices, the artist will see far less return than if they have more moderate pricing for some pieces as well. Because page views are so crucial for an art business, an art lover who has somehow stumbled upon the site should not have to turn away because they can’t afford any piece. Especially because these targets may be some of an artist’s most admiring supporters, it is important to ensure that they are well taken care of on the site so that they feel compelled to support the artist.

Benefits of Being Present on Social Media

Keeping up with a website and having a decent price range will definitely rake in a few customers, but taking things to a new level with the addition of a Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and various other platform pages will make the business more accessible and further attract the customer.

Benefits include:

· Free advertising for the business

· Potential customers are more open to a purchase

· Stress and pressure-free environment for collectors

· More personal, attracting client to new work

· Can afford to be more specific in work

A follow or like instills the artist’s work into the customer; repetition leads to completed call-to-actions

By integrating these steps and methods into their daily strategy, the artist can be proactive and confident that they are well-represented online, enabling themselves to spend more time doing what they dreamed of always doing: painting.

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