Waiting for YouTube 2021 Google Adsense PIN for 1 March 2021 – 1 April 2021 Kebumen Region – Central Java It is something that novice YouTubers are eagerly awaiting, namely the Google Adsense PIN, because with the Google Adsense PIN, the income that has been obtained from youtube can be liquid. The following is Dunia Gembul’s response to YouTube’s Google Adsense PIN in 2021 #pingoogle #adsenseyoutube #pinadsense Dunia Gembul. Stories about the everyday world that is done by the Gembul family start from: 1. Nuris Dad’s World 2. Mother Dewi’s World 3. Kaka Fatih’s World 4. Dunia Adik May UPLOAD EVERY WEEK Suggestions and Criticisms: WA – 08121 585 585 Email –

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