Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate University?

This is a question that is posed a great deal in internet marketing forums: Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate University? Well let me say that I was a member of this training program, and spent three years there. And I would say that overall my experience there was fair. As you may or may not know the so called university offers training in various elements of internet marketing that will teach you some aspects of internet marketing. It is an all inclusive learning resource that breaks internet marketing down to its rudimentary core. It gives the beginner a grasp of what the internet can offer to the person interested in making money online. The program has been rated the top site for training in the field of affiliate marketing. In your initial stages of being there you are taken through an 8 week action plan that will set you on course to learning what is necessary to become an internet marketer. You will learn how to set up a theme based niche website in your first few days there. And then learn how to monetize the site and drive traffic to it and earn an income from your endeavors.

During the first few days there most people will experience information overload, due to the massive amount of information that is available to be absorbed. But one of the great things you will find at WA is the member forum. At the members forum you can post questions and ask for help on any topic. Your questions will then be answered by one of the many members there, some of whom are top earning affiliate marketers who earn six figure incomes. You can ask questions of the owners Kyle and Carson, although the answers you get from them tend to be a bit thin. I guess they are a bit busy being millionaire internet marketers. The site covers every aspect of internet marketing from article marketing, pay per click advertising, affiliate marketing, keyword research, building lists,etc…

They offer several membership options and you can get a free starter membership that is quite limited as to what access you have to the program. The monthly paid membership gives you access to the complete platform and will cost you $47 per month. Most people that join the program stay on average 5 to 6 months, but there are those that have been there for several years. They offer web hosting as part of your membership, so you can build your sites on their servers and not have to go elsewhere during your training. It is recommended that you promote the university in one of your first campaigns so you can have accesses to tutorials that make your marketing efforts less difficult. And since you are a member of the program you can provide an insiders view on what the program entails. Should you join? That’s for you to decide, I hope this review provides insight into what you can expect from this program.

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