So wollen dich diese Online Marketing Typen von YouTube reich machen

In all honesty: Hazel is annoyed. In the meantime, every second advertisement that you see on YouTube is from some guy who says you can make a lot of money by doing nothing. Pocket Money thinks that can’t work and that’s why we took a closer look at one of these guys you don’t have to: Said Shiripour. We got deeper and deeper into the “online marketing” business model, looked at courses, rummaged through countless websites that were somehow all connected and talked to someone affected. We had no idea what came out in the end. In the new episode of Pocket Money, you’ll finally find out how these guys from YouTube advertising really want to make you rich and how well it really works. Here you can find the full statement by Said Shiripour in full: Music: Apache 207 – bluish Billie Eilish – Bad Guy El Buho – Calchaqui MERO – Perspective Migos – T-Shirt RIN – Ljubav RIN ft. Bausa – No love Ólafur Arnalds – So Far YEAH! We also belong to #funk. Take a look: YouTube: funk WebApp: Facebook: #funk #pocketmoney #onlinemarketing.

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