UltimateDefrag Tutorial Guide - Speed Up Windows XP Vista

This UltimateDefrag Tutorial Guide will give you a quick overview of setting up your UltimateDefrag to speed up your Windows XP Vista. However, it is most important to remember first that UltimateDefrag 2008 doesn’t just defragment files in your PC. It also places your files in optimum locations to speed up your PC’s performance. Thus, it enables faster loading and access time of programs.

To operate this utility as you speed up Windows XP Vista, first you will have to choose the drive to be defragmented and select the option “Fragmented files only.” After choosing this default option, click the “start” button in the UltimateDefrag utility program. This button would turn red after selecting as the selection “Stop” would be enabled. Once the process starts, the program would start analyzing as it shows the results of the analysis at the bottom part of the program. Various locations on the disk changes its color as the defragmentation works. Some areas may turn blue or green depending on which areas are occupied or not on the disk. The procedure may take time in defragmenting due to various files running in the background; so to ensure faster defragmentation, this UltimateDefrag Tutorial Guide suggests you to avoid running other programs while UltimateDefrag runs.

Conveniently, the UltimateDefrag is user-friendly. All its functions are accessible through buttons that are just a few clicks away. The results are also presented in a visual form that legends come handy to better understand or interpret the defragmentation results of the UltimateDefrag PC utility.

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