Virtual Home Tours As a Marketing Tool - Are They Effective?

Competition makes selling a house a bit difficult. Despite putting signage that your house is for sale, it is seldom noticed by buyers. There are different marketing strategies which you can use to attract more buyers. Creating a virtual house tour is one of them.

What is a virtual house tour?

By definition, virtual house tour refers to the panoramic view or simulation of a house through sequences of still pictures, videos, or both.

How it is made?

Even without expert knowledge, a person can make a virtual home tour. Smart phones are equipped with cameras and they can essentially be used for this purpose. For home owners who want better options, there are applications or software which can create 360 degrees virtual tours providing buyers a greater glimpse of the property being sold.

There are tutorials on how these applications are used. However, most of them are really relatively easy to use and self-exploratory.

More complex virtual tour software allows great zooms to highlight the best details of the house.

Why virtual house tours are liked by buyers?

Who would not want to enter the house you like to buy? But what if time constraints prevent you from conducting ocular inspections. This is when virtual home tours prove to be very useful.

They give the convenience of having a walk-through of the house and seeing details without having to be on the physical location. It saves time, money, and gas mileage.

Virtual house tours are also well-appreciated because of engaging add-ons which the creator can incorporate on them.Captions, background music, and even voice overs can be embedded for added information and to make the virtual tour more engaging.

How engaging are virtual tours based on buyer acceptance?

The different marketing tools used to sell a house yield different acceptance percentages from buyers. In the statistical information provided by, virtual tours rank fourth among what buyers like when looking for a house to buy. It trails behind detailed information, photos of the house, and interactive maps. It ranks the same with agent contact information.

Reaching more through virtual home tours

Virtual home tours can be used to reach more potential home buyers. What’s even greater is through social media platforms, they can be made to reach more persons. By sharing the virtual tours on your social media accounts, you are actually marketing your house better.

If you want to create a virtual tour of your house, you can always try it on your own. But if you want the advice and assistance of your real estate agent, you can always their services.

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