5 passive income ideas to start today

The ultimate goal of this channel is to help you buy a home or investment property and there is no better way than to utilise the power of passive income, and for that reasons, today’s video will look at 5 passive income ideas to start today!

Now one thing I will always state and shout from the rooftops is, anything that is passive, has likely taken a hell of a lot of active work to get it to that stage, and for that reason, I won’t be selling or sharing anything with you that is not personally working for myself, or I don’t believe in. How you make money is truly the most important thing to me.

Useful timestamps:

00:00 Introduction

01:13 Passive income 1

03:31 Passive income 2

04:54 Passive income 3

05:48 Passive income 4

06:33 Property Investing, being passive

08:00 Bloopers

I hope these help!

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