5 Ways to Make Money Online With YouTube

With the popularity of the internet growing over the past few decades, people are finding new and innovative ways in order to use this technology. One of the most popular methods to using the internet is to make money and YouTube is gaining as one of the sites that people are using in order to make this money online. If you are interested in learning how to make money online with YouTube, look at some of the suggestions below.

Sell Your Products

One of the methods that people are considering when they are learning how to make money online with YouTube is to sell their own products. Often you will have to have a product that can easily be sold through a video format, but other than that, the possibilities are endless. Some companies choose to put some of their own advertisements on YouTube so viewers can go and see them as often as possible while others, like exercise consultants or teachers, may sell copies of their videos completely on YouTube.

Create a Tutorial

There are many people who are always looking for ways to learn something new. Perhaps they want to learn how to sew, finish a complex math problem, or apply their makeup in a new method. Whatever your skills are, you can create a tutorial about it and sell it on YouTube.

Create a Series

Mini-series have become a huge hit online and many of them can be found on YouTube. If you are really creative and would like to make some money using YouTube, then creating a series is the perfect solution for you. You can choose to use YouTube in a few different ways. If you are just starting out, this is a great platform in order to upload the videos for people to see. As you gain an audience, you may want to choose to put up advertisements for your series on YouTube and link it back to your own website.

Create a Hit Single

Some of the most popular hit singles that have come out in the last few years were ones that were uploaded to YouTube and passed along between friends. This is a great way for many aspiring artists to make millions if they are successful, especially if they find that they are having difficulties getting a major label to take them on. Some of the hit singles that have been discovered on YouTube recently include Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and Rebecca Black’s “Friday.”

Start a Competition

Competitions can be a fun and exciting way for you to make some money using YouTube. The most difficult part of this is that you must find something that will be a win-win for not just you, but also for the contestants that are competing. This means that the whole thing cannot be just about you making money, the contestants will also need to receive something out of the deal if they win.








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