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Easy Money – Fat Little Bastard: Monty (Rodney Dangerfield) loses his temper when Anthony (Peter Laurelli) won’t sit still during a photo session.

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Degenerate Monty Capuletti (Rodney Dangerfield) is perfectly content spending his life drinking, smoking and gambling with his other layabout buddies. His wealthy mother-in-law, Mrs. Monahan (Geraldine Fitzgerald), has long disapproved of Monty’s irresponsible behavior, but when she dies she leaves him $10 million in her will. However, predictably, there is a catch: Monty has to change his life and live vice-free for one year in order to collect the money.


TM & © MGM (1983)

Cast: Rodney Dangerfield

Director: James Signorelli

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