FedEx Custom Critical Versus Panther Expediting Services

In this economic mess expediting services are the most sensitive part of economy. For you is more appropriate to have a look on to truck stops or rest areas; as log as there are trucks, and now a plenty, the economy is slow.

Expediting services, means, somebody have to move freight from “A” to “B” as soon as possible at minimum price. How is working? A broker have the load in his portfolio and is negotiating with the driver the prices, this means quite 20% from price is for this service. Next on line is “Driving Authority” (another 15% from price after broker expenses ), this will process the money and safety procedures, including insurances for freight. And have an eye all the time on freight, so the customer will know where is his load. This is the job function for FedEx Custom Critical and Panther Expediting Services. My job function as Leased Vehicle Operator is collect data and process paperwork, and, of course to found the shipper, take the freight and deliver to consignee at commercial speed (47 miles/hr at Panther and 45miles/hr at FedEx). Personal I’m team player, so for my truck commercial speed is 1000 miles/day and always available for driving authority.

If your car did not start in the morning, call a cab, and will be on time. Troy imagine communications tools (thanks Bell and Marconi) working for you and have a pale imagine of the expediting job.

First FedEx contact, few years ago, I’ve send and order for RFID tag’s (friend ID using radar technology) in the United States. My Location at that time Europe, Romania, Cugir (this is in the middle of nowhere, AK47 was produced there and communist country keep secret this ) street so hidden that for visitors I give as orientation point my cherry tree, the biggest and oldest in the area. I was able to keep an eye on my tags until arrive in that country. At delivery time I was looking outside, and a driver come to me asking … if my address is there! Late I’ve understand that FedEx have optimizing tools for directions, so the driver is avoiding left turns.

Panther is using Internet Map. And have started an GPS application on the devices.

Now what about the tools. Communication tools are the most expensive part of the business. You recognize easy professional drives, always have a working “hands free” device. Inside truck is a satellite communication tool. Panther have “paper free” working behavior, this means that driver have to scan documents, and logbooks are automatic generated by satellite device (driver have a black box recording all his position changes ) for every few minutes, this is annoying for every driver. Technological level – windows so you can communicate as you are using any laptop. FedEx is using same tolls at industrial level, this means open source software and Java applets interconnecting and integrating phone on to computerized system. Logbooks remain as is legal, on paper, so you have 15 minutes between status changes. OK, you have to send the paperwork by post. I’ve received a lot of inconsistent data at Panther, at FedEx I have no access at all to computerized system, this means that over the road rules of the competition are the same for all operators. For communications you have “messenger type” of behavior.

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